Xpectis is positioned to provide consulting and project delivery expertise on all stages of your project.

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Fulfilling expectations

Xpectis will not exclusively provide you with off-the-shelf, standardised solutions that could apply for an entire industry. But we will not constantly reinvent the wheel either. Even though we might strive to advance its design. Proposing advanced and customised solutions comes down to selecting and developing only the best and most appropriate components at hand, including packaged as well as custom-made solutions. Securing a true understanding of our customer’s needs and expectations, re-using know-how and experiences from the past, mixing them with customised developments and infrastructures tailored to their needs represents the basis for our engagement. Delivering advanced solutions that perfectly fit the customer’s strategic and operational business needs, engaging in a constant process of re-evaluating solutions and handling feedback is the tangible outcome of our efforts.

Xpectis will help to advance your business by offering the right solutions that will work for you.

Project delivery

Delivering projects for our customers comes down to understanding their needs and expectations, proposing an effective and broad mix of solutions and services that offer long term consistency and business impact and insuring cost-efficiency, quality and reliability.

It is with this perspective in mind that Xpectis is constantly involved in strategic customer projects, taking care of a complete service portfolio going from strategy and consulting to the development and implementation of technical solutions. Based upon a joint-team-approach, Xpectis gets involved at a very early stage in order to support the shaping and definition of the project. Continuous information exchange over the project’s life cycle insures efficient communication, continuity and optimisation of implemented infrastructures and IT developments, let them be packaged or customised.


Take one thing for real: you will only talk about real issues with a person you trust. We consider our customer’s projects as real issues and realise that only mutual trust will allow us to go forward and insure the best results for the money and effort that is being invested. Deserving our customer’s trust is one of our main challenges and we echo it by our unbiased commitment and dedication.

Building business relations upon trust comes down to building relationships between people that are trustworthy and whose advice can be counted on as being knowledgeable, professional and targeted to the customer’s expectations. At Xpectis, we are proud to propose a team of people with top educational and professional backgrounds, offering high standing consulting services that cross the borders between strategical, business and technology consultancy.